Are Your Habits Damaging Your Teeth?

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Your daily habit could be causing damage to your teeth. Is yours one to be aware of?

Chewing on Ice

Chewing on ice can put as much as 250 pounds of pressure on people’s teeth.

It causes microfractures in the enamel and it’s not only due to the force but also the temperature change, so the temperature change causes the crystals in the enamel to expand which causes microfractures, which then propagate and then your teeth can break overtime.

Chewing on ice can split teeth right down to the root. If it breaks your tooth, you’ll need a crown.

Drinking Wine

Tooth enamel is extremely susceptible to erosion caused by acids, a primary component in all wine.

Wine can also cause discoloration. Red wine tends to get all the blame for this because it contains a large amount of chromogens. Also found in coffee and tea, which can also stain teeth, as well as berries, chromogens are pigment-producing substances that bind to the teeth and cause staining.

Eating Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate can actually limit oral bacteria. Cocoa beans contain tannins, polyphenols and flavonoids. These are all antioxidants which benefit the mouth and teeth.