Can My Bite Change With Time?

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Just like with anything in life, things can change. So, why would your teeth be any different? Although teeth are embedded in bone, bone is a living tissue that changes over time. The cells in your bones go through a process called bone remodeling in which they break down and rebuild. This process takes stimulation to keep moving along. For your jaw bone, this stimulation occurs every time you chew, bite, swallow, and speak. The force of this stimulation is pushed through the teeth and into the jaw bone. As the jaw bone undergoes remodeling, your teeth can move! Remodeling is also what makes orthodontic treatments so effective. Utilizing braces and aligners, your orthodontist can control the amount of force needed to move your teeth into the desired position. 

Your orthodontist knows the correct amount of direction and pressure your teeth will require, without this expert knowledge, your teeth can move freely into whatever position they want, which will ultimately affect your bite. 

Have you noticed a change in the way your bottom or top front teeth look? Have they begun to look crowded? Perhaps you have had a permanent tooth extracted and now the surrounding teeth are beginning to crowd that opening. Taking the time to visit your orthodontist, even if you have had previous treatments in the past. They can help determine the cause of your bite issues, work to correct the problem and get you back to proper alignment and function. It is important to schedule an appointment promptly to minimize the amount of movement required.

Although change is inevitable, with orthodontic treatment, you can regain proper alignment and jaw function as well as a beautiful smile at any age. Contact us today at 281-225-6784 to schedule your consultation and see what treatment options are best for you. Our dedicated team is here to help you obtain your perfect smile.