FAQ: Can I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed While I Have Braces?

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Something we get asked by all the time by nervous patients and their parents is whether wisdom teeth are an issue with braces. We’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

Typically, teen patients are finished with their orthodontia treatment before their wisdom teeth become an issue. Wisdom teeth typically appear between the ages of 17-25, so if you get your braces off before then, you should be fine.

If you do have braces on when your wisdom teeth begin appearing, it’s not a big deal. Your wisdom teeth can be removed if you have braces. In fact, we recommend you get them removed as soon as possible.

9 out of 10 patients will experience an issue with wisdom teeth. The most common problem is lack of space, which can cause them to erupt at unusual angles, to crowd the other teeth, or to become impacted. An impacted tooth will remain in the jawbone and can potentially cause complications.

If you don’t get your wisdom teeth removed in a timely manner, it could ruin your perfecty straight teeth! So don’t wait until it’s too late. Get them taken care of as soon as possible for a more painless procedure.

If you have futher questions, give our office a call any time.