Festive Braces Rubber Band Colors

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One of the most fun things about braces is getting to customize the rubber bands with different colors! Whether it’s a favorite sports team, favorite colors, or something that celebrates the season, there are limitless color combination options.

As the holidays are around the color, why not use some festive rubber bands! These are some fun ideas to get you in the holiday spirit with your braces:

Red and green. Classic Christmas colors! If you’re singing Jingle Bells all December long, red and green rubber bands on your braces are a fun way to celebrate.

Blue and white. Perfect for Hanukkah or winter! Blue and white is versatile and still seasonal. Let it snow!

Silver. Silver is perfect to accompany tinsel and sparkling Christmas lights. Sparkling silver is also festive for new years eve. Who needs sparklers when you have your braces!

Shades of green. If pine trees are your favorite thing in winter, honor that with your braces! A combination of dark green and light green will bring these lovely trees with you everywhere.

Black and silver. Great for celebrating new years! Festive, sparkling, and fun.

Which color combination do you want to try? Customizing your rubber bands keeps braces fun, all year round.