Fun Holiday Treats For Kids With Braces

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The holidays are here and there are so many fun things to see, do, and…! Even though your child may be in the process of orthodontic treatment, they do not have to miss out on ALL of the holiday goodies this season has to offer! Of course, you will want them to stay away from hard candies and chewy treats, but there are many options still available. We have a few ideas listed below that are also a healthier option and can easily be made at home, together. Isn’t that what this season is about anyway? 

Brownie Christmas Tree Pops

Cut out the danger of a sticky lollipop damaging your braces with these fun and safe treats.

  1. Cut brownies into triangles 
  2. Decorate with frosting and sprinkles
  3. Insert a colorful stick or straw into the bottom of the brownie, careful to not go all the way through. 
  4. Enjoy! 

Reindeer Cheese Shapes

To make these fun and festive snacks, you will need:

  1. Cut yellow bell peppers into strips and then shape them into the look of antlers.
  2. Cut soft cheese into triangle shapes. 
  3. Push the “antlers” into the wider end of the cheese triangle. 
  4. Cut 2 pieces of a black olive into the shape of eyes
  5. Cut a cherry tomato in half to make a nose if you want them to look like Rudolph, or you can use the black olive, or even a chocolate chip, for the nose!
  6. Enjoy!

We want our kids to be able to thoroughly enjoy the holidays without damaging their braces so helping them make these soft and delicious treats, while also keeping up with good oral hygiene, will make celebrating the holidays a little easier during their treatment. Sticking with options such as chocolate (no nuts or caramel please!), creamy peanut butter, delicious ice cream or milkshakes, and candies based with gelatin, will still allow your kids to enjoy a sweet treat without damage to their brackets and wires. Don’t stray away from apples, if your children enjoy them, just make sure they are very thinly sliced. 

Your child may find it frustrating that they can not enjoy the same treats they are used to, or what their friends are having, but it is important for them to understand that this is a temporary situation and they will be able to enjoy all their favorite things again once treatment is over. By helping them choose new alternatives, they can still have fun and perhaps even create new traditions that can be enjoyed for generations to come. 

From all of us here at True Image Orthodontics, we want to wish all of our patients and their families a very happy holiday season and we thank you for choosing us to help your child with their orthodontic needs.