How To Clean Your Retainer

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Retainers are necessary to help keep your teeth straight. But like your teeth, they need to be cleaned regularly so they don’t deteriorate or damage your teeth. Cleaning them regularly, especially after you’ve eaten, keeps bacteria from building up. You can also use these cleaning techniques for your Invisalign trays.

Keep your retainers moist. Keeping them moist would avoid the bonding of tartar and the biofilm in your retainers.

Always have them soaked in distilled water. Your retainers should either be in your mouth or soaked in distilled water. Add in some baking soda to keep it clean and safe from harmful chemicals which can be transmitted to your mouth.

Use denture cleaners or alcohol-free mouthwash to clean your retainers. If you want your retainers to be tartar-free and germ-free, use a denture cleaner or an alcohol-free mouthwash to soak your retainers in. Leave it there for 15 minutes or so before gently rinsing and putting it back in your mouth. Avoid using a toothbrush or toothpaste to brush your retainers for it may cause scratches where bacteria might thrive.

You should also bring your retainer to your appointment, so it can be cleaned by your orthodontist! Your orthodontist can also check for damage, and order a new retainer for you if necessary.