How to Keep Braces and Teeth Healthy During Summer

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Here are tips for keeping braces and teeth safe during the summer.

Brush after every meal
It’s easy to forget to brush when you’re not on a set schedule. But summery treats like hot dogs and ice cream are particularly damaging to teeth because of the extra sugar. Remember to bring a travel toothbrush wherever you go so you can quickly brush them.

Wear a mouth guard
When you play sports with braces on, your teeth can be at risk. Wear a mouth guard when you play basketball, baseball, or go swimming to keep your teeth safe.

Be prepared for a vacation
Pack extra packs of orthodontia wax, your toothbrush, and your retainers on every trip. Be sure you have the phone number for your orthodontist, so in case of an emergency, you can call us. Sometimes, we might recommend you visit an orthodontist in the city you’re visiting, but otherwise we can give you ways to temporarily fix the problem until you can visit our office.