How to Keep Invisalign Trays Clean

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Even though you trade out your Invisalign trays every week, they can still get dirty and gross. Here’s how to keep your Invisalign trays clean:

1 Brush them
Without toothpaste, use a wet toothbrush to clean the outside and inside. This is a good quick fix after you’ve had a drink with your trays in.

2. Use denture cleaners
Purchase denture cleaner tabs and use as directed. Typically, you fill a cup with warm water, drop the tab in, then add your invisalign cleaners. After a few minutes, take them out, brush with a regular toothbrush, and rinse. They will be clean and sparkling. This is an easy way to clean them daily or as needed.

3. Use a Q-tip
If you can’t get into the nooks and crannies of your invisalign trays, use a Q-tip to clean every corner.

4. Soak them
If you don’t have denture cleaner, soak them in a half and half solution of hydrogen peroxide and water.