How To Treat Diastema?

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What is diastema and what causes it? 

The space between two or more teeth is known as a diastema. Most often this occurs between the upper front teeth. It is common for children to experience this gap when their primary teeth fall out and are usually closed when their permanent teeth come in. Other causes for diastema may include: 

  • A discrepancy in the size of the teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • An oversized labial frenum (this is the tissue extending from the inside of the lip to the gum tissue between the two upper front teeth)
  • Protrusion or overjet of teeth

Are there any treatment options for diastema?

Your dental specialist will conduct a thorough exam to determine the reason for your diastema and will them create a treatment plan which they will discuss with you. There are a few options which they will cover with you, including adding veneers to cover the gap, possibly suggesting either a bridge with crowns or extracting the teeth and replacing them with implants, though this would only be suggested for adult patients. You can also decide to just keep your diastema or opt for orthodontic treatment which will move the teeth into proper placement to close the gap.

If the cause of the diastema is due to an oversized labial frenum, a frenectomy, conducted by a periodontist, can surgically cut the labial frenum and reposition it for more flexibility. In children with a frenectomy, the space will often close on its own, but for teens and adults, braces may be required to close the gap. Your dental professional or orthodontist will guide you through the options and help you decide which will be the most appropriate option for you to ensure the most desired results. 

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