Orthodontics: Necessary or Just For Aesthetics?

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Many people think that orthodontic treatment is only for gaining a “pretty smile” and while that is not a bad reason, it is not the only reason. Some patients seek out treatment to help resolve a medical condition which requires orthodontic intervention. Our appearance impacts many aspects of our lives and is what others will use to make their initial impression of us, so it is understandable that we want to make it a good one. Our smile, body language, attire, and tone of voice all work together to form our overall appearance. 

Children with an uneven bite or misaligned teeth are far more likely to be teased and bullied by others, unfortunately resulting in self esteem issues. Without orthodontic intervention, this can continue into adulthood. Over the years, a lack of confidence can develop which can impact getting a job, the potential for being passed over for raises, promotions, and even relationships. 

For patients needing orthodontic treatment to resolve a medical problem, they will often enjoy the additional benefit of an improvement in their aesthetics. However, even if you do not have a medical requirement for orthodontic care, there is no reason you need to justify wanting to feel more attractive. If it is something you want to do for yourself, or your child, you should feel confident in your decision to do what is best for you. 

What Are The Medical Benefits of Orthodontics?

There are a wide range of medical conditions which orthodontic treatment can help to resolve such as:

  • congenital disabilities (deviated septum, cleft lip or palate)
  • an incorrect bite 
  • improve sleep disorders 
  • improve snoring
  • improve future damage to teeth and gums 
  • improve tooth grinding
  • speech problems
  • chewing problems
  • reduce the need for more complex dental treatments. 
  • correct teeth gaps
  • improve ease of cleaning to help avoid decayed
  • improve uneven wear from tooth loss

 If you are interested in orthodontic care, whether for aesthetics alone or for a medical reason, contact True Image Ortho today at 281-225-6784 to schedule your initial consultation. We will help you achieve your perfect, healthy smile.