Questions Your Child Might Ask About Getting Braces

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As parents, you are always fielding questions about things from your kids. It should be no surprise that they will have some about the prospect of getting braces. Some kids may be completely open to the idea, maybe even WANT them, others may be more hesitant, while some can actually be frightened by the idea of something foreign in their mouth. Taking the time to explain to your child before their appointment can help, but for the more trepidatious child, they may need a little more information. The average age of a child who receives braces is around 9 to 14 years old however, they should actually have their first orthodontic appointment around their 7th birthday! Given this young age, it is no wonder they would have a lot of questions, so we have compiled a few questions most children ask about their new braces. 

#1: Will They Hurt?

Unfortunately, yes, braces are uncomfortable and there will be discomfort, mostly after an adjustment and usually, the pain will subside within a few days. Let them know that they can help to alleviate some of their discomforts by communicating with you or their Orthodontist if there are any wires poking them, preferably during their appointment so it can be corrected quickly. 

Preparing them soft foods while they are recouping from an adjustment, giving them a popsicle or two to help reduce the discomfort along with ice packs, over the counter pain meds when needed, and applying dental wax to protect their lips and cheeks will help to minimize their pain.

#2: Will They Make Me Look Different?

Yes, they will make you look different, which is what the goal is. Braces are used to correct misalignments, gaps, overbites, underbites and a whole lot more. This is the whole reason they are getting braces in the first place, for that award-winning smile! 

Although many kids may be ok with getting braces, some may be a little more hesitant because they are afraid of being teased or think they won’t be able to continue with their usual activities like sports or band (which they still can). Listen to their concerns and let them know that it will be ok. Braces are a short term situation for a long term goal. Your orthodontist will be happy to talk with your child too if you would like.

#3. Do I Really Need To Do What The Doctor Says?

YES! The instructions your Orthodontists gives your child are not just suggestions. We want the duration of the treatment to be as short as possible, so following our instructions means that you have a more effective treatment. Avoiding hard, sticky, and sugary foods/drinks, keeping excellent hygiene routines and protecting your mouth with a mouthguard during physical activity will help to ensure a successful treatment and outstanding results. Again, this is a short term inconvenience but gives lifelong results, so follow the instructions from your orthodontist and enjoy that beautiful smile a little sooner!

If you or your child have any other questions about their braces, give True Image Orthodontics a call anytime at 281-225-6784 or at their next appointment. We want to make you smile!