Quick Tips: Flossing With Braces

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Let’s face it, no one really likes to floss, we get that. But flossing becomes even more important for those that wear braces. The brackets and wires of the braces make it very difficult to floss the way we are all taught to during our bi-annual cleanings. Keeping your teeth clean and healthy while being adjusted will ensure that the investment of time, money, and discomfort will be well worth it in the end. Oral health is always important, however, braces make this a little harder to accomplish and will require diligence and consistency to achieve the best results.

These few tips will help to make flossing on a regular basis a little easier for children, teens, and even adults:

You May Need To Help Younger Children With Flossing

Young children that need to wear braces will not be able to floss on their own properly so you will need to handle this important step for them. Since this process can take more time than some kids are willing to sit still for, allowing your child to watch their favorite show while you floss often times will allow you the time needed.

Tools To Aid in Flossing

Flossing your teeth and braces without the proper tool can be frustrating. Most stores will carry a floss threader, in the Ortho/dental care aisle, which will make quick work of the task. This handy tool helps to easily pull the floss through the teeth and over the wire to reach between each tooth and up to the gum line.

Unwaxed vs Waxed Floss

Floss that is unwaxed easily shreds and breaks between teeth, and will especially get caught on your braces. Using waxed floss accompanied with your floss threader gently and easily slides the floss between your teeth and into the gum line.

Dental care is always an important task to teach your children, even more so for those wearing braces. No matter their age, you will want to play an active role in their dental hygiene and offer assistance if you see they are struggling with maintaining it on their own. Preventing cavities and gingivitis is always the goal to a happy, healthy and straight smile. Contact our office at 281-225-6784 to start your orthodontic treatment plan today.