Rubber bands for braces

Rubber Bands For Braces: How Do They Help?

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Braces can be hard to get used to, especially for children. The issue for many people is the rubber bands (also called elastics). Elastics are used with braces to further help straighten the teeth while also allowing individual tooth movement. They are also used to help with jaw alignment.

What are the benefits of braces with rubber bands?

There are two main benefits of using rubber bands with braces. The first and most noticeable advantage of rubber bands is that they are used to provide a little extra force on the teeth, helping to move your teeth into positions that braces are unable to do alone. The other benefit of the bands is that they have been shown to occasionally speed up the process of alignment, allowing you or your child to have the bright smile you’ve always wanted, sooner!

Now, braces don’t only help aesthetically, they also may help your child’s speech and improve their bite. Straight teeth are less likely to develop decay, suffer injury, and help to prevent even gum disease. Though treatment will take time,  the effects of braces speak for themselves years after treatment!

How to properly care for rubber bands?

Knowing all the good things about braces and rubber bands, you may be wondering how to maintain them. Maintaining your braces does take a little bit of work and planning. They will need to be replaced daily and you will need to remove your rubber bands before meals and before flossing or brushing. Your orthodontist will also recommend staying away from sticky, hard, or crunchy foods as well as acidic drinks and carbonated beverages.

While highly effective, not every patient undergoing orthodontic treatment will require the addition of rubber bands. Your orthodontist will make the determination based on your specific teeth and jaw alignment. Having rubber bands on your braces may sound difficult or uncomfortable, but you will be taught how to carefully remove and replace them during your appointment and we are always here to provide extra information or walk you through any extra steps. Give us a call today at 281-225-6784 to schedule your consultation if you are considering orthodontic care for you or your children.