Spring Braces Color Ideas

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Spring is here, which means its time for new seasonal rubber band colors! If you want to mix it up with new colors, here are some ideas that are perfect for spring.

Home Run! Baseball season is here, so pick colors to match your favorite MLB team. Maybe blue and orange for the Houston Astros? Or, if you play baseball, match your team’s jersey color!

Another fun baseball-themed idea is to get red and white bands – the red will look just like the stitching on a baseball!

Spring is all about bright colors that mimic flowers. Pink, purple, green, yellow, and orange will all have a fun spring look to match a floral shirt! Pretty pastels are perfect for the season.

Spring is now music festival season, so why not celebrate with some neon rubber bands! These are great to bring you into summer and put some excitement in your smile.

If you’ve got graduation around the corner, why not match your braces to your school’s colors? It will match you cap and gown, plus the photos will look great!

Or, if you want it more basic, choose a darker color to make your teeth look whiter. Whatever you choose, make sure its something that fits your personality!