Tips On Making Flossing Easier While Wearing Braces

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One of the habits most parents have a hard time encouraging their kids to develop is flossing. With or without braces, it is a daily struggle for parents. When your children have braces it can be an even bigger battle when the wires are placed. Good oral health routines are even more important during orthodontic treatment to maintain a healthy smile. Parents and children need to make the commitment together to keep their teeth healthy during the straightening process. We hope these tips can help your family find an easier way to perform proper flossing regularly.

The main goal of flossing is to get up between the teeth and under the gumline to remove tartar and food particles. When you have braces, it can be challenging to slide the floss up in between the teeth above the wire. It is often compared to threading a needle, so why not utilize a threader? Well, an orthodontic floss threader to be more precise. This is an inexpensive and indispensable tool, available at any store where you would usually buy your oral care products, which helps the floss to be pulled above the wire, through the teeth and up into the gum line.

Selecting the right floss is also important since non-wax floss is notorious for catching on braces and leaving threads of floss entwined in the wires and brackets. Selecting waxed floss along with a floss threader will help the floss easily glide between the teeth, up into the gum lines without catching and shredding the floss. Waxed floss and a threader will make quick work of this dreaded task. 

Understand that for most children, they do not yet possess the required dexterity to properly floss their teeth without braces. Adding the complication of the wires means they are going to need your help to properly floss. It is recommended that you take on this role until they are old enough to be able to do it themselves correctly.  Kids need to understand that good dental care routines are an important life skill to learn. Flossing isn’t just important during their treatment time but for the rest of their lives, so taking the time to teach them this important task will help them avoid developing gingivitis and plaque buildup. 

Your orthodontist will show you the best way to implement these tools for optimum results when your braces are applied and will happily review the process anytime during your child’s appointments. Contact our office if you have any questions.