Why You Should Always Carry Dental Wax

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Sometimes, your braces will be uncomfortable. This is particularly true after any appointment when you get them tightened.

The best trick to keep your mouth feeling comfortable, and to be prepared for any emergencies, is to always carry dental wax with you!

The wax is specially designed for braces can coat the wires so that they don’t irritate your mouth. Your orthodontist will give you a supply, and don’t be shy to ask for extra!

If you ever run out, this wax is sold under various product names, like “orthodontic wax” “braces wax,” “wax for braces,” or “dental wax.” It is widely available at pharmacies.

Braces can also cause soreness from rubbing on the inside surface of your cheeks or lips in the first days of wearing them, so covering them with wax may be helpful.

It’s always a good idea to have a supply of wax with you. That way, if one of the wires accidentally breaks, you can coat it with wax to keep it from poking you until your orthodontist can fix it. Having wax at school, at work, in your backpack, in your car, at home, any where that you might be stuck at for a while and need some wax.