Personalize Your Braces For Halloween!

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Halloween is right around the corner. You probably have your costume picked out, your pumpkins glowing on the front porch, and a fun Halloween movie on TV. You’re all ready for the festivities, but what about your braces? Celebrate Halloween with colored rubber bands on your braces to match the season! You could go for the classic black and orange, or you can even match it to your costume! Here’s a few ideas based on popular costumes.

Princess – Pink and Purple
Superman or Spiderman – Blue and Red
Witch – Purple or Green and Black
Ghost – White
Vampire – Black and Red
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – Green
Skeleton – Black and White
Minion – Yellow
Pumpkin – Orange
Pokemon – Yellow and Black

While you’re enjoying the ghosts and goblins on Halloween, remember to take care of your braces. Avoid sticky candy like gummy bears and gum or hard candy and lollipops. The last thing you want is to spend your Halloween night at the orthodontist! Make sure you remember to brush your teeth after all that candy – and no sneaking!