True Image Orthodontics: AcceleDent

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At True Image Orthodontics, we know it’s important to our patients to make sure we are always on the cutting edge of treatment and technology. Simply put, braces and orthodontic care just don’t stay the same – they are constantly evolving, so we are too.

AcceleDent is a system that has been designed to enhance any orthodontic treatment including clear aligners, traditional metal braces, and other appliances. You will find that with the AcceleDent system, you will experience enhanced results in less time. Using micro-vibrations to quickly and gently remodel your jawbone, AcceleDent quickly aligns your teeth into their positions much sooner. This will leave you with reduced treatment time and less of the discomfort sometimes associated with treatment. This system was designed after the medical field discovered that for years, vibration treatments have been effective treatments for all-over body treatments for a variety of issues.

AcceleDent is a mouthpiece that resembles a mouth guard, in which you will use for 20 minutes every day. It’s a hands-free device in the sense that once you apply it, you simply bite down firmly and let it work for you. It’s as simple as that. The vibrations will create a quicker treatment time for patients of any age and for any orthodontic treatment.

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