What To Expect When You Get Your Braces On

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If your first orthodontic appointment is coming up, don’t be nervous! Getting your braces on may feel like a scary thing, but it is actually a fairly simple process. Here is what you can expect.

A week before you get your braces on, your orthodontist may insert small rubber spacers between your back molars to allow space for your braces.

Typically, the process will take 1-2 hours. You may find it helpful to bring headphones to listen to favorite music or a podcast during the appointment to distract yourself.

First, the orthodontist will clean and dry your teeth. Then, using a special glue, he will attach the brackets to your teeth. The glue may not taste very good, but it is harmless.

Then, the orthodonist will apply the metal archwire and secure it with elastic bands. You get to choose the color of the elastic bands, so take time to think about what shades you want!

Your mouth, especially your teeth and gums, will feel sore for a few days. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever as necessary, and stick with soft foods like mashed potatoes and smoothies.

Soon, you’ll forget you’re even wearing braces! Congrats on your exciting journey to a beautiful smile.